July 12, 2019

An ode to Brandenburg (and McPomm)

Before I fly into the wild and unknown Far-away (to a country that most people respond to :„where the duck is that ?“) I thought it´s quite appropriate to make a post about the unknown Very-close.


I´d consider that most people could react to this region just the same: where the duck is that and why should anybody go there ?
A black spot in most minds (just like mine a few years ago). But I want to give a drop of colour into that gap.

On one wonderful, slightly-melancholic, free afternoon in mid-february. Me and my bike. Emptyness, sky, silence that can be broken with songs to the rhythm of pedaling, fueling the first rays of sun, space for thoughts, reflextions and memories…

Last year when I did not have the chance to travel far but the need to make a trip alone into nature was immense I decided to make a small trip north of berlin. Randomly stroling around on my bike for a few days from lake to lake (whose countless number btw. is so big that you´d need years even visiting one per day). I didnt take my camera with me and rarely turned on my phone so the only way I captured the beauty of the moments was my memory. Pictures and feelings... especially that situation when I felt lost in a small slightly touristy village and it already started to dawn. I thought my bike is broken, I didnt know where to put my tent (too many people + a nature reserve= no wild camping) and rejected the option of an official camp, I ate a poorly cooked cauliflower – plain, because that was the only thing i had and there was no shop and restaurants didnt attract me (blablabla)… you get the stress level.

So after sitting around like this for some time- occupied by the spirals in my head and sulking on my own I got fed up with myself. And something that always helps in those mind-rat-race situations is ...water (did you ever regret taking a shower ?). Lukily I was on a peninsula and so I made my way to the water a few hundert meters away.
Most of the people already left the sandy beach for dinner and just a few couples sat around on the slopy meadow enjoying the last bits of the sun. The water glasclear – cuban shore blue. The temperature so perfekt that you enjoy every step you take into the liquid to finally let your body be surrounded by it fully. The orange sun finally touching the trees, colouring the surface of the lake and the sky into a reddish pink-amber. No thoughts- only full surrender to the holiness of that moment. Minutes that become years. Something between the fall of the day – the rise of the night. For me like something between death and rebirth. Surrender to gain energy and trust into anything that might come.

Clearly I survived the night. And also the next days were full of magic. Not far from home. But far enough to find home with-in myself again. „Oh I was never lost, I only chose to never go home“

An ode to Brandenburg (and McPomm)

P.S.: The following photos are from the day-trip in february. I decided not to edit them at all.

 To confront yourself
You don´t need to travel far
Sometimes it´s enough to visit grandma

July 2, 2015


Although I never really liked England, that year I pondered a bit: be honest to yourself. How good do you know England at all ? Having been there two times with my school for a week at best was not really productive. If at all the trip gave me (us) a small glimpse and more somewhat like a feeling of "knowledge" about the country then a real deep insight and interest.
So I felt a bit ound in honour to make a call on the small island and since it is sensible to give everyone and everything a second chance (because the first experience might have been a mistaken one) I decided to give England a second chance as well. Indeed ladies, indeed gentlemen I changed my mind about that country quite a bit nevertheless I barely spend 10 days there.
Of course my opinion changed mostly because I stayed with different people ranging in age and also because I had time to explore on my own.

Only now looking through the photos I realized that I didn´t take a single picture of London itself which somehow seems surprisingly but on the other hand contents me a lot.
You can´t deny the fact of beeing a tourist despite travelling very alternative and so of course one tends to photograph everything he sees.
I trie to pull myself back ( which works pretty good) by asking some simple questions:
Will this photo be still interesting if I zap the folder in 5 or lets say even 10 years ? Does this picture mean anything to me really ? Does it remind me of something special ? Or can it even transfer something to others - a certain message - a simple connection between your emotions and the ones taken on the photo ?
My personal demands concerning the world. Never mind  ;)

Give everything a second chance.

 This is 100% Eugene Hutz ( Gogol Bordello )

August 2, 2014


Where to start and where to end this small report about Sicily.
Perhabs with the words "Are you hungry ?" because that might be something Sicilians hear quite often themselves . And indeed there is so much to eat that you wish yourself to be hungry all the time but at some point you just CAN´T eat & eat & e... !
Though my humble self didn´t expects anything this trip was different from everything one can consider as "expected" .
The funniest thing is that when my family heared that I want to go to Sicily and Armenia in one trip they all went like : "WHAT ? Armenia ?!?!..." and everyone seemed to kind of ignore the S-word - >Sicily.
Well, they should had have worried about Sicily  a tiiiny bit more in fact !
The reason why is as easy as a Pasta recipe :

- 1 big spoon of nice nature ( no reason for worries )
- a small slice of Maffia village action ( well... )
a hand full of orange trees and olive plantations ( no reason for worries )
- some leafs of very beautiful small towns ( no reason for worries )
- filter the sea water and the cities because otherwise your Pasta might have a strong taste of waste !
( unfortunately too many cars and too much trash all around )
- a cup of super delicious food ( in my case quite a reason for worries. Didn´t fit into the airplane on my way back really. But neither did I after Armenia. )
- a drop of red wine from mount Etna ( no reason for worries ) 
- take about 500ml of typical Italian gestures and phrases ...which are awesome ! ( no reason for worries )
- and finally a big pot of horny men ... ( ALARM REASON ! )

Wait ... did I say "horny men" ?
Yes ! I did . And I would say so again. With a capital letter.

Now mix it aaaand the Pasta Siciliana is ready to be eaten !

All in all I can´t complain because again I met lots of great, welcoming & warm hearted people but the bitter taste of the last ingrediens and the unfiltered water made my Pasta taste quite strange.
But now I´m really looking forward to have grandchildren - best stories for them all from my trip to Sicily.

Halleluja, Mama Sicilia ! " Are you hungry ? Why don´t you eat ? Are you ill ?"

Suppose they tried
To sell the child
Next to the fruit
That was sun-dried


Direction home

Lava cave at Mt. Etna

some unknown kid

Papa Francesco ( on the very right ) and his best friends. I met him while waiting for my bus. A very kind man who even invited me for dinner to his home but unfortunately I didn´t have the time ...
He worked as sailor head cook on a ship. Due to that he visited nearly every country in the world.

We talked for 15 minutes.
He huged me for goodbye and even called me daughter.

(Just try to guess how old he is!)

In the middle of Sicily

Night time wild hot springs

Day time wild hot springs

Part 2 of "MAMA Sicilia... !" is on it´s way ;)